Some Things Never Change

A fun, easy and motivating read

As with any self help book, it's beneficial to understand how the author(s) intend for you to take advantage of the information presented. In this book, each chapter discusses one of the six attributes that we've identified as essential to personal and professional success. We want to emphasize that our first and foremost concept we chose to discuss is the importance of learning how to cope with change. This is the focus of Chapter One and the central principle around which the rest of the book revolves. Consider it the key to unlocking the remaining five attributes. For that reason, we recommend readers approach this book chronologically in order to derive maximum benefit from the material. That's not to say you couldn't pick up some helpful tips by skipping haphazardly between chapters. However, readers should know the attributes were arranged so that our supportive strategies build upon one another naturally. After reading Chapter One, you will understand what coping with change really means. Then in Chapter Two, you will glean inspirational tips on how to cultivate positive self-esteem, a must-have in order to thrive in an environment of change. Chapter Three discusses the importance of incorporating effective time management routines. Chapter Four provides realistic ways to achieve and maintain focus in every area of life. The next stepping stone, found in Chapter Five, is to improve communication so that you can effectively promote both yourself and your efforts. Finally, knowing you have work to do can be stressful, so in Chapter Six, we end with practical advice on how to eliminate unnecessary stress, another key ingredient for reaching your full potential. We've kept things simple and to a minimum so as not to over-whelm you with information. Take notes, use a highlighter, do the exercises and definitely check out the resources mentioned in the back of the book. Getting involved with the material will solidify your efforts and put you on the path to high performance in the workplace. That's not to say your personal life won't also improve. In fact, we're certain the principles mentioned here in the context of business are equally applicable to the relationships and projects you have going on in your personal life. Prepare for a fun and invigorating read, one that will help you get results. But don't just read this book. Adopt it as your personal survival guide to a rapidly changing world. Free Shipping! Meet Jodie Randisi...



Public Speaking without Fear and Anxiety

The number one fear in America today is public speaking.

This 2 CD set will not only help you over come fear it will help you craft a presentation including a powerful open and close. It also covers how to keep it interesting and how to use the room and technology to keep the people engaged.

Audio, 2 hours, $29.95


How to Get Things Done and Prioritize

Have you ever had so many things to do you didn’t know what to start on first? Has it ever taken you an entire day to a one hour project? Ever want to get procrastination under control? Ever want to get a little more focus in you day, week, month and life? Learn this and much in this fantastic 4 CD set.

Audio, 4 hours, $39.95


How to Get Things Done and Prioritize

Booklet, $9.95


Seven Elements of World Class Customer Service

According to management guru Tom Peters, 98% of the working world is in Some sort of “service” position. Read and learn the 7 keys steps to “World Class” customer service. Great customer service is not a destination it is a journey.

Booklet, $9.95


How To Delegate

A survey was conducted among 104 of the top men and women C.E.O.s in America and they were asked what are the top 5 reasons you give somebody a promotion. Out of 104 surveyed, 84 had the same first answer…..They have to know how to delegate. Learn how on this 20 minute CD.

Video 20 minutes, $19.95


The Art of the Interview

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have asked me over the years for the key ingredients to hire excellent people. With so many people hungry for a new job, the interview line is longer than ever. How will you cull out the right fit for your organization? How will you be certain that they will be the most suitable choice? Would you like job interview tips to help you select the most qualified employees? Dave Oakes latest product “The Art of the Interview”, a 29 page printable pdf file, is just for you. “The Art of the Interview” is your complete interview tool set including the best ways to get truthful background information from the prospect, true insights on how the prospect is motivated, how they will work with your team, their true work experience, their perceived weaknesses and strengths. ?You will also glean from them and insight as to how they may or may not fit within your organization based on their passions. “The Art of the Interview” shares top tips that will help you assess the skills, experience, personality and passions of potential employees. The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While it may not deserve all of the attention that it receives, the interview is still a powerful force in hiring. Stop wasting your time and your companies precious resources in hiring the wrong people! Step up YOUR skills to choose correctly the first time. Background checking and checking references are also key factors in your hiring decisions. Hopefully, you have added these checks of factual information to your hiring arsenal, too, but the job interview remains your key tool in assessing the candidate's cultural fit. It is also the tool you can use to get to know your candidates on a more personal basis. A great job interview process helps not only you as the manager, but the new employee as well as the current staff when he or she joins your organization. Use these tips to help your team select superior employees. Your interviews will never be the same.

"The Art of the Interview" (pdf)


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